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Leelbox 50-60 Miles HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital 4K White Black

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hdtv antenna

No more monthly cable bill anymore! This HDTV Antenna 60 miles range is very thin and easy to set up, just plug it and scan you will easily to get local TV channels up to 20 channels.Most of them are in HD quality so you can enjoy your sweet time with families at home in cold winter.


• Super Fun and Free For Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! You can get access to free HD programs forever including local news, weather forecast basketball & football game and educational programs etc.

• Easy to Use - Fast and easy to set up-Unwrap,Plug it in and scan channels.A very easy and time-saving step ,you can start to use this TV Antenna .Set it on a windows ,wall or better position where owns better reception of your house.You can start to watch right away.

• Wide Coverage - 60 miles range multi-directional design pulls in signals from all directions.It has high gain and low error rate digital TV signal reception,and a significant signal enhancement in actual use.Increase the reception of TV programs,and eliminate the pause the mosaic images.

• Lightweight Design - Slim, soft and light weight 16.5FT cable so you can hide it behind the TV, lay it flat on the table or stick it high on a window/wall (with durability against moisture and direct sunshine).If you live next to the signal tower,it'll pull in hundreds of crystal clear digital & HD shows.

Set up guides:
Step 1: Connect the end (F- male) of attached coaxial cable to the ANT/IN connector
on the back of the TV or DVB-T tuner.
Step 2: You can put it on the wall,on the table or on the window (strongly recommended).
Place it horizontally or vertically.
Step 3: In the TV's or STB's setup menu,set the tuner mode to "Antenna" or "Air".
For more detailed instructions,please refer to your TV manual.
Step 4: In the TV's or STB's setup menu,set TV to "scan" for channels.
This can sometimes be listed as auto-program,auto-scan,channel search or channel scan.
Consult the TV manual for detailed instructions.
Step 5: If reception is sporadic,try moving the antenna to another location
and rescanning the TV until optimal position is found.
Step 6: Fix the antenna at the optimal position you found.

Adjustment of antenna directions
1.Connect the antenna to TV properly.
2.Set TV to Antenna mode.
3.When the signal quality is low,adjust the location of the antenna or rotate it towards television station

Brand Leelbox
Type TV Antenna 50-60 Miles
Color Black, White
Range 50-60 Miles
Cable 16.5 FT
Frequency Range 174~240/470~860 MHZ
Impendance 75 Ohm
Support HDTV 1080P,1080i,720p
Dimension 13.4 x 12.7 x 1 inches
Weight 380g
Package Contents
1 X HDTV Antenna
1 X User Manual
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Top Buyer Review
Comment by Ma*******n On Sun Aug 13 04:51:00 UTC 2017
Antenne légère qui capte bien les canaux HD disponibles dans votre région (c'est normal de devoir ajuster au début pour trouver le meilleur endroit possible dans la maison).
Comment by Al*******o On Fri Sep 01 09:16:00 UTC 2017
Amazing saved me a monthly fee for cable tv. I live in the basement and still got 4 HDTV channels free.
Comment by Al*******o On Sun Sep 03 07:11:00 UTC 2017
Replaced my rabbit ear antenna with this. Wish I did it years ago. No more moving around the antennas to find a clear picture. This instantly worked when connected to tv !
Comment by Ta*******r On Fri Sep 08 04:56:00 UTC 2017
Don't expect miracle but it was better than a bunch other ones i used before
Comment by ma*******2 On Sat Sep 23 11:23:00 UTC 2017
Amazing saved me a monthly fee for cable tv. I live in the basement and still got 4 HDTV channels free.
Comment by pp*******u On Thu Sep 28 05:44:00 UTC 2017
I admit I was skeptical, but this item far exceeded my expectations. I get 17 channels!
Comment by J.******o  On Tue Oct 03 10:58:00 UTC 2017
Great replacement for my previous antenna I bought in a condo. You need to test it out and find the sweet spot in your house.
Comment by An*****t On Sat Oct 07 11:25:39 UTC 2017
Havent had cable TV in 4 years but we have had an antenna in the living room and are able to get like 5 channels.... So I bought this one for our bedroom and I was shocked when it started picking up channel after channel we now have almost 20 channels and they arent staticky. I also love that it sticks to the window and isnt big and bulky like the other one I have.... Gonna have to replace that one soon. Highly recommend!
Comment by li*******s On Tue Oct 17 21:20:27 UTC 2017
I bought this antenna to use on the bedroom TV. We do not have cable or satellite so until now our bedroom TV was only used to watch DVD's. Now we can watch TV in there, too. Or I can when hubby is watching football in the living room! Very easy to hook up and set up. I get an amazing amount of channels. Very nice product.
Comment by br*******y On Tue Oct 24 16:23:24 UTC 2017
Very easy to hook up and almost invisible.
Comment by ga*******y On Thu Nov 02 19:14:32 UTC 2017
Worh every penny
Comment by ka*******l On Fri Nov 10 23:35:47 UTC 2017
Great signal and so easy to get it to work
Comment by tr*******p On Mon Nov 20 03:51:00 UTC 2017
This was a gift for my grand parents who absolutely refused to get cable,They love it they catch all the channels they are used to watching like there soaps and the news and a few they didn't even expect.Easy to put up and no one knows they are using it because it is out of sight.
Comment by wr*******t On Fri Nov 24 13:17:11 UTC 2017
I’m amazed at how thin, yet so well made this antenna is. The range is great. It picks up lots of channels. This would work great in a trailer or camper, like at a deer camp.
Comment by sm*******n On Sun Dec 03 01:45:51 UTC 2017
Yes!!! I cut the cord! No more crazy high cable bills. Have you tried antenna recently? So many channels! This was easy to install and the TV found tons of channels.
Leelbox 50-60 Miles HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital 4K White Black
US$ 19.99